BCHS '72 Reunion




If you would prefer not to pay online with a credit/debit card we understand.

We offer two alternative payment options for you to consider:



Venmo is a popular option for many people that do not want to pay via a credit card. In order to pay for your admission tickets using Venmo:

  1. Decide on which ticket(s) you want to purchase. Visit www.bchs72.com for descriptions and pricing.
  2. Decide on Quantity (1 or 2)
  3. Go to @BC72Reunion (Steve Baum) on Venmo or scan the QR Code on the left and send off the appropriate amount using your Venmo account. You will receive a confirmation as well as an email for your purchase.


Mail a Check

If you prefer to pay via check please:

Decide on which ticket(s) you want to purchase. Visit MAIN URL HERE for descriptions and pricing.

Decide on Quantity (1 or 2) and calculate the total amount.

Mail your check to:

Steve Baum

520 Hampton Height Lane

Franklin, TN. 37064

Note: BC72 Reunion

Deadline for payment by check is August 15, 2022


If you have questions or need assistance

Text Steve Baum at 615-509-4791 or via email at baumsj@gmail.com

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